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Hi, over the last few days we have received thousands of messages from people wondering the costs for their favourite offer in their local currency; of course our sales managers available on Facebook are always ready to help you with everything that you need, but the constant request motivated me to write this quick guide to help you change the currency of our website when you are shopping with us. Happily it’s as easy as taking 2 clicks in your mouse, on the top right of every page of our website you can click and select your favourite currency; at...

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Hi, this morning our friends in charge of our distribution in China gave me call to updated me with important news about our operation, and it may affect your order directly. In order to the holidays around the Chinese New Year’s celebrations, our operation in China has been slow down in our distribution and in all the national services, including China Post and our logistic partners; it may cause a short delay in the delivery of your order. The Chinese holidays will affect only orders received from 16th Febuary 2018 to 4th March 2018. If you have made your order before 16th Febuary 2018...

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